Friday Nov. 16

The Patriot Tour feat. Marcus Luttrell


On Sale To The Public: Wednesday, August 29 10:00am CST. Prices: $89 $69 $49. Ages 2+ must have a ticket. No photos/no recording. Event Info
The Patriot Tour features retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, author of ‘Lone Survivor’, the NY Times Bestseller which recounts the heroic sacrifices of fellow SEAL Team members assigned to Operation Redwing in which Luttrell was the only survivor, Taya Kyle, author of ‘American Wife’, Executive Director of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and wife to the late U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle, retired U.S. Army Capt. Chad Fleming and retired Navy SEAL and ultra-marathon runner David Goggins. The tour brings together the best things in life… family, service, sacrifice and community. This emotional live stage experience highlights incredible stories of perseverance from four remarkable patriots who have had their lives profoundly changed by their service and sacrifice.

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